Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Jessi Awesome Answers!

Hey guys! I haven't written in my awhile (shameful!), and yesterday while I was bored, I decided to see if any twitter-ers had any questions for me to answer! I got a few (thank you!) that range from what's been happening in the news to make-up to relationship advice! I hope you enjoy and maybe I'll make this a weekly thing! -@jessiawesome

Ryan Dunn's death? -zimpirate

I grew up with Jackass, so I understand the love for the man’s stunts, and while every death is a sad one, I’m a little at a loss on how to answer this. There’s speculation that since he posted a picture of him and his friends drinking only a couple hours before his tragic accident, he might have been driving drunk, which is never cool. RIP, Ryan Dunn.

The big Ultimate Spider-Man spoiler came out in the media today (I didn't read those stories yet) so how about Marvel/DC having to reveal endings to boost sales? - gregthelen

I think as far as trying to get new readers, it could work but as far as a reader who buys comics for the story arch, they are neglecting their main audience.

Reviving Wonder Woman with Christina Hendricks!- stupidwriter

I’ve only seen Ms. Hendricks in Firefly, Mad Men and some movie starring Katherine Heigl, and I don’t know if she has the Amazon gumption to play Diana! However, if she’s cast to fill those star spangled short-shorts, I will watch with excitement!

Doing your water line without screaming/dying/stabbing yourself! and what's the deal with primer?- HouseWench

I’ve found the simplest way to do your water line is to gently pull the bottom lid down and apply your eyeliner. The softest liners I’ve used are the NYX Jumbo Pencils. They are super creamy and safe for the eyes.

What’s the deal with primers, you ask? Primers fill and level your beautiful canvas for applying make-up! Most primers are made of waxes and/or silicone, so what this does is flatten out the face for your normal make-up, which could draw attention to scars or marks. The kind I use (MAC Prep & Prime) helps me to minimize the appearance of a shiny face. If you’re looking for a cheap one to try out is L'Oreal Studio Secrets face primer; it has great reviews (although they might test on animals).

Maybe some tips on eye makeup? How you apply it, how you chose colors, maybe?- MartianBethany theroseinbloom

The best advice I can give about how to apply makeup is to do so lightly. You can always build color in the places you need it, so a light hand when applying brush to skin is the best method. I do not use sponges (bacteria can cause breakouts) and try to wash my brushes weekly.

As far as applying colors, go with the basics that’ll look great with your skin tone and eye color. The book that has best helped me over the years is called THE FIVE MINUTE FACE by makeup artist Carmindy.

MartianBethany, since you have fair skin and blue eyes, I suggest browns/taupes and plum/purple colors to make your eyes pop! If you’re worried about clashing with your hair, choose colors in the brown/taupe and gold families.

How about makeup tips to cover the effects of allergies gone wild? - Deviltechie

If you’re having a problem with eyes, try a cooling eye drop and under eye serum (water-proof eye products will be your best friend!). If your nose is bothering you, try a heavy face cream concentrated on the dry areas, topped with a cream concealer.

Would you consider being a tutor/mentor for someone in regards to writing and/or art?- AbhorsenAube

Sure, but all the advice someone needs is this quote from Epictetus: “If you wish to be a writer, write.” Same with art. Do it, and then ask your peers to give you constructive criticism.

What's the oddest request anyone's ever made of you?- Bodhizen

The only thing I can think of is when I was still Danielle Corsetto’s assistant, during Baltimore Comic-Con, D was asked by a couple of dudes if they could take me to a nearby bar for a drink. She said I could, and while I got free booze from these two dudes, if it was any situation other than a convention, I probably wouldn’t have went, haha.

I need some #jessiawesomeanswers! How do I explain to a guy that he's not really geek enough to date one of my geeky friends?- Maevrim

Lady bro, there’s no easy way for me to say this but, if your friend likes this guy, you gotta go with it. If his biggest problem is that he’s not geek enough to date your pal, you can always try to involve him in more geek activities (a Battlestar marathon or a suggestion of comics your friend likes). You have to trust that your friend knows what she likes in guys, and if she’s smitten with him, it’s best not to try to cause a rift in their relationship. I mean, I once went on a date with a guy who told me he was geeky but acted like I was talking another language when it came to Batman, so I excused myself to the restroom, found my server and told her to send the check over ASAP. I got the heck out of there; if your friend doesn’t like the guy, she’ll do the same.

UPDATE: Maevrim further explains her friend's situation: No, she has no interest in him in the slightest because well, he doesn't share any of her interests. He says he wants to date a geek girl, which is why he wants me to set him up, but outside of Halo and Star Wars... I just don't know how to explain that to him when he asks why she hasn't tried to contact him.

Eep! In my experience, guys who want to date a girl based on a label isn't the BEST way to find that kind of lady. If she isn't interested and hasn't tried to contact him and he's buggin' you about it, I'd tell him gently that whatever goes on between him and your friend is none of your business to comment on. If he's super persistent, I'd say something along the lines of, "She hasn't contacted you with interest, then that should be enough of an answer, right?"

Cake or pie? gregthelen

I want to say cake because its delicious, but I am afraid it may be a lie.

For people who are just being introduced to sci-fi/geek culture, do you have anything you'd say to them/advice?- LockeCole117

I’d like to think that as geeks we are all-inclusive. The geek/nerd culture has something for everyone, so I’d tell them to look on the internet for a local group to find friends in whatever they get into!

What is the best thing in the world right now?- gregthelen

The best thing in the world right now and as cheesy as it sounds is to live with my boyfriend! We were long distance for a very long year and now that I’ve moved to L.A. it feels like we were never apart. (Yeah, yeah, I know you’re judging me)

Where in the world is Carmen San Diego?- gregthelen

I’d like to think she’s chillin’ in Los Angeles right now, ‘cause where else would she be? The weather is perfect, we have great food, and that Hollywood thing, right?