Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Oct. 2009 - Aug. 2010

First off, I cannot believe it's been nine months since I updated this blog! Bad Jessi.

Secondly, and most importantly, I am leaving Girls With Slingshots and my dear friend Danielle to move back to Georgia this week. I know, I know, this is very last minute; however, I couldn't think of a way to announce the move. I have been mulling it over in my head.

And believe me, it's still weird to say (or even write) out loud.

I'm unsure of how much I can disclose to you all, but D is in the process of signing with a company to essentially take care of what I do. I honestly couldn't be happier with her decision. This is going to be huge for Danielle and the future of Girls With Slingshots.

The last ten months have flat-out been the most fun I've ever had working for someone. I was able to learn so much about making comics in my time here as her
assistant. Danielle is even more wonderful in person than what her online persona shows; she is as nice as she is humble about her talent.

I cannot begin to explain my gratitude and fortune for getting to tag along with her on trips to various comic conventions. Because of D, I have met so many people I now consider friends. I've been able to share and talk with so many new people/followers on Twitter. I wouldn't have written and drawn my own short-story for an anthology had it not been for Danielle pushing me to do so, making my "art" look better with her inking and getting excited for its release. I also would have never gone to Baltimore Comic Con and met my future boyfriend. ;)

When I met Danielle at Heroescon 2009, she was vivacious, quick-witted, and fun to hang around with after hours at the Westin bar.
The Monday of the con's end, she and I went to a now-defunct restaurant in Charlotte for a quick bite to eat before we parted ways. This quick lunch turned into a five hour conversation, and by the end of it, I thought to myself, "I'd love to be like her when I am twenty-eight."

After these ten months, my mindset hasn't changed one bit.

I may lose a boss in the process, but I'm not losing a person I consider to be one of my closest friends and a mentor. It's been tearing me up knowing that I won't be able to take just a short walk up the stairs in our ancient house to see what she's working on, ask for advice, have a quick laugh, or a shoulder to cry on. Being around a person who is so passionate about what makes her happy solidifies why I want to make comics, too.

So long Danielle and this little town I've called home for almost a year. You will be missed.

Danielle and I; my first day as her assistant
Oct. 2009

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  1. Awww... I was hoping to meet Danielle's Legendary Jessi Awesome (TM), soon. Maybe it will be as Fabulous Jessica the Awesome Comic Artist, eh?
    Good luck in your next adventure!
    (Barb in Austin)