Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Math In The DCU

I'm sure ya'll heard the big news out of DC today:

DC Comics is planning on renumbering their universe, revamping their superheroes and starting in September, 51 first issues will debut.

Let's do some math.

I had a wild thought and one that cannot be near correct, but what if DC decided to release all 51 first issues on the same day? So DC has, what, 23 pages of comics content in their books, right? If a person was to purchase all 51 books on the same day, they would have to read 1,173 pages of comics content, 167 pages per day until the next Wednesday.

Now, we all know that'd be a silly thing for DC to do, so let's just toy around with the idea of them releasing the 1st issue books only in September. We have four Wednesdays a month (duh), so DC would have to release 13-per-Wednesday (or, three Wednesdays with 13 and one with 12, whatever).

You'd still have 299 pages of comics content to read before the next Wednesday hits, which is still around forty-eight pages per day to read.

Still, a large enough chunk of words but we're all smart, right? That's easier to swallow?

Since DC isn't thinking about those kinds of numbers, it is time to delve into the ones that are number one to them.

A DC comic is retailed at $2.99

So, every week, DC expects you, the loyal reader, to purchase all 13 of these books at $38.87.

That, however, is what we call a subtotal.

Since I am living in California, my tax would be 9.75%.

I would be spending $42.66 per week on DC Comics alone.

In one month, I would be expected to spend $170.64 on DC titles.

Since I don't live in the land of hypotheticals (and who knows what the comic release dates are right now), but to all be caught up in the exciting world of DC first issue comics, I'd have to spend one-hundred-seventy dollars and sixty-four cents on DC titles alone, absolutely forgetting the fact that I like to spend my money on other comics at my LCS.

I'm all about hoping for the best, and this could be a fun, exciting thing for DC to do for comics... but in this situation, I gotta look out for my pocketbook.

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