Monday, November 14, 2011

First off: The auction for Marie Lu's LEGEND is up for grabs here. It's pretty awesome that you're getting a signed, hardcover before everyone else can get their paws on it.

Eron told me I can update my blog with how Callie has been doing, so the first bit is from Callie's mom, and the second is from Eron. We're on Day 14 of her being in the ICU:

"Eron and I have moved into a rhythm of life in 6 ICU. Today she had 2 periods of an hour each of being totally off the ventalator and she did just fine. That is another landmark! 2 hours will move to 24 hours per day, quickly. She holds my hand all day, she seems to save the pillow bashing for Eron. :) Go Callie!!! She is in some periods of pain and discomfort and it is heartbreaking. She sometimes nods when I can identify the pain location. The millions of cuts she received are healing and left behind are scabs, which itch her, and tons of bruising. The right side is still not working but we hope in time it will come around. Keep those positive thoughts coming her way as we hit the 2 week mark. Love to everyone. Thanks for the great comments and support."

"Today had a couple of big steps for Callie - first off, as Lola covered already, they did the first official steps of weaning her off the ventilator. They had her off the vent for as long as an hour on a couple occasions and she did fine! Next, they also got her for a bit in to a "Cardio Chair" which is basically a smaller bed that can be made to fold upright in to a chair. It was her first time sitting in two weeks and it wasn't very comfortable for her, probably because of her pelvic fractures, but she managed to sit up for over an hour and they are going to take moves toward having her in the chair slowly but surely over the coming days.
We're still not sure when they are going to transfer her out of the ICU, but the thought is within the next week. Lola or I will let you know when that happens. Part of the reason I'm just now typing this is that she was fairly awake this evening and seemed to be a bit restless, as I suppose someone would be being in a bed for two weeks and not able to talk. I asked her if she wanted some music on and amazingly she responded with an emphatic head nod, so I put on a Pandora channel that I made for her when we first started dating called "Radio Free Caledonia" and maybe it was just the morphine, but for about an hour before she went to sleep she really seemed to be enjoying it. Tomorrow I'm going to grab her iPod and swing by Best Buy and grab a portable iPod dock.
As always, she's had really good care at UCLA and while the moments are fleeting the brief bits of time where she seems to be increasingly aware are make me giddy. We'e got a long road ahead, and I can only hope I'm strong enough to do what I need for Callie. I think I might start reading her a book soon — Probably something fantasy and light filled with bad puns, as she occasionally likes. (Piers Anthony and Terry Pratchet ahoy!) I know this year has been full of changes and adventures for everyone, I haven't always been present to respond everyone in a timely manner, but just remember Callie I all wish you the best with everything that is going on, both the exciting new stuff and the tough times!"

Once again, the auction for Marie Lu's LEGEND is up for grabs here.

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