Monday, November 14, 2011

We're going to have another auction up in about a day or so. This time it's for two beautiful paintings of dahlias by artist Stephanie Han.

Eron has this to say about Callie on Day 15:

"Today was a day of waiting — [Callie's mom] spent most of the day with Callie, or at least the portions that she wasn't in an MRI or asleep. I spent most of the afternoon in traffic. They did get a chance to give her a ninja hair cut finally, so now she has a cute blonde buzz cut. The biggest news of the day, and the biggest cause of the waiting, is that she is officially stable enough that they are ready to transfer Callie out of the UCLA Neuro-ICU. That was supposed to happen today but Kaiser wasn't ready. We still don't know which hospital she is going to, but we're pretty sure they will make the move tomorrow.
We got her a portable iPod-dock music player so wherever we go she can have some fun music to speed along her time without the Pandora ads and it's insistence that everyone should listen to Radiohead. Right now she is fast asleep, but a bit earlier she was quite responsive even to the nurses, nodding, "Yes," or grimacing (a version of, "no" we're thinking) to answer basic questions. Specifically I can tell you: her head hurts, she would like some more pain medicine, and I am scruffy. She's also doing okay on the longer term tests of letting her breath on her own and they keep increasing the duration she is off the machine.
Because of the breathing tube she can't talk even if she was able to, but for the first time I think she mouthed a few words; "It hurts," [of course], but then she smirked and squeezed my hand so I think her sense of humor is relatively intact, then she fell asleep. Her right side is still given her problems, but the doctors told us that would take a lot longer to come back to full. Thanks to everyone for the fun reading recommendations for her — I've got to make a bookstore run when I get the chance to grab a few options. I'm not totally sure how I'll tell if she likes the book I pick, but maybe she'll use her mitten to box me in the head again? Whoever anonymously got me the album from Amazon to listen to while at the hospital, you rock, thanks! Thanks to everyone for all the thoughts and wishes for Callie! I can't wait until she's well enough for folks to visit!"

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